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Stone Gate Foods produces high-quality, labor-intensive, strategic products for our valued partners. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities provide our clients with a diverse product offering using a blend of automated and skilled labor while maintaining competitive prices.

All of our products are developed by professional chefs and are carefully crafted using the very best ingredients. From homestyle to bistro, barbecue to bar food, food brands trust Stone Gate Foods to create extraordinary products of the highest quality.

Tater kegs

Our stuffed tater kegs are available in a variety of flavors and packed with shredded potatoes. They’re made with quality ingredients and perfect when served with a dipping sauce or on their own.

door county

Door County products come straight from America’s heartland and they are made with the highest quality ingredients—staples found in the pantry of proud home cooks.

Splendid Culinary

Our unique Splendid Culinary entrees, appetizers, side dishes and sweet treats are inspired by bistro cooking—fresh, authentic ingredients fashioned by hand into sweet and savory dishes that are simple yet rich with flavor.

Complete Recipe

Complete Recipe frozen foods are quick and easy to make and tasty to eat. These budget-friendly classics are inspired by the recipes of real home cooks and they’re a hit with the entire family. Family favorites, ready to cook anytime.

rudolphs bar-b-que

Rudolphs, the iconic restaurant in Minneapolis, is famous for its bold bar-b-que sauces and award-winning coleslaw dressing. The Stone Gate Foods Rudolphs Bar-B-Que sauces and dressings do not contain high fructose corn syrup—they are simply bottled with great taste and at-home convenience. A family favorite since 1975.

we make safety a priority

Stone Gate’s management is committed to the food safety standards of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations, and is Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certified.

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